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Josef Albers teaching at Black Mountain College.

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Provocative Percussion album cover by Josef Albers


Josef Albers

Three Designs for a Flag for the Bauhaus Exhibition 1923

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Josef Albers working at Tamarind, 1963. Notice the X’s on some of the color trial proofs, my favorite part of this image……..editing.

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Buckminster Fuller, Elaine de Kooning and Joseph Albers working on the domes at Black Mountain College…

The dome uses the “doing more with less” idea in that it encloses the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of surface area thus saving on materials and cost. At Black Mountain College in 1948 and ’49, Fuller and students spent a great deal of time working on the design and construction of geodesic domes. In 1948, their attempt to build the first large-scale dome with venetian blind strips failed, and the structure was subsequently referred to as the “Supine Dome”. The next summer, working with a slightly larger budget and thicker blinds, they were successful. - Excerpt from Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center, Asheville, NC