Lavinia Schulz dans son costume pour “Bibo”, vers 1924.


E. Tinel, Savon Dada


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Artist Valie Export, in Action Pants: Genital Panic, 1969



Patricia Osses - Swimming Pool, 2003

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Pratchaya Phinthong, My Brain Or My Stomach, 2008; Installation, two copies of the book “Existentialism” by John Macquarrie, 1976. Two clear Plexiglas, 21 x 24.5 x 1 cm.

The first book is destroyed
by termites, the second is a
replica of the first one.

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conversation with stars

shane drinkwater

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Unknown photographer, Student model for an exercise in “Constructing a Cubical Form Based on Combination of Mass and Space”, Vkhutemas, Moscow, Soviet Union, (1920-1926.)

Gelatin silver print.


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Ulises Carrión and the opening of Other Books and So, Amsterdam 1975


Ettore Sottsass, Torno Subito

While continuing to design for Olivetti in the 1960s, Sottsass developed a range of objects which were expressions of his personal experiences traveling in the United States and India. These objects included large altar-like ceramic sculptures and his “Superboxes”, radical sculptural gestures presented within a context of consumer product, as conceptual statement. Covered in bold and colorful, simulated custom laminates, they were precursors to Memphis, a movement which came more than a decade later. Around this time Sottsass has said: I didn’t want to do any more consumerist products, because it was clear that the consumerist attitude was quite dangerous.

Batman storyboards by Bruce Timm

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