Margo Wolowiec, Horizon Line, 2013 — hand woven polyester, cotton, dye sublimation ink, 25 x 28”

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- MIRALLES Fina, Relacions. relacions del cos amb elements naturals: cobriment del cos amb palla, 1975.

Fina Miralles (1950 Spain) studied in Barcelona from 1968 to 1972. Today, she lives and works in Cadaques. Fina Miralles explores the relationships between humans, nature and objects, and analyzes the transformation and alienation of natural objects when taken out of context. She works with different media, including painting, performance and video. She rediscovered painting again in the late 1970s.

Relacions. relacions del cos amb elements naturals: cobriment del cos amb palla(Relationships. Relationships of the body with natural elements. Covering the body with straw) belongs to a subsequent series in which the artist’s body is fused with a range of natural elements, establishing a full identification with it, forming a single unit of interchangeable values revolving around the eternal processes of destruction and rebirth of nature.

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- extraite du film Taris, roi de l’eau (1931)

de Jean Vigo

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pictures of female IRA fighters in the 1970s

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Sabrina Fritsch

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Bernard Voïta

From the book “White Garden”

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Otto Muehl - Cosinus Alpha,1964


Otto Baumberger Poster Design ‘Wer rechnet kauft im Globus’ 1934.


Paul Klee - Pages from Pedagogical Sketchbook 1953

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Edouard Levé: Untitled. From the “Rugby” series (2003).

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