David RosenboomBiodeedback and the Arts: Results of Early Experiments, published by the Aesthetic Research Centre, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, 1976

Diagrams from the first book on biofeedback music.
Cover designed by Jacqueline Humbert.

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Martha Rich

Mind Map Filtered

This project began as artwork for a comix art show curated by Esther Pearl Watson at Webb Gallery in Waxahachie, TX the summer of 2011. 

As a society we are forced to concentrate on many things simultaneously, on the computer, at work, the street sounds or sounds inside, machine noise, people noise, overheard conversations, comments, advertising, news, television, friends, strangers, emails, spam. Bombarded. My mind is rarely at rest. Everything is presented equally. The brain has to filter and sort and choose. Mine works differently than it did before. Maybe it has evolved. 

These images are a representation of filtered choices, past and present and future. store



Pedro Otero (Argentine, Buenos Aires, 1913 – Argentina, 1981)

Deshumanización del hombre 1950

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Luciano Fabro, Stage Production (Cube of Mirrors), 1967-75


Łódź Kaliska, Upadek zupełny (Complete Collapse), Krakow — photo Anna Świetlik, May 1981


man ray

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#man ray  

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hubert marot, 2013

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Hans-Joachim Rose, Self Portrait, 1930


fernand leger (1914)

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